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Our extensive range of services have been developed with a deep understanding and experience of working in
various industries. All our solutions provide end-to-end service fulfillment to maximise customer retention and
provide cost-saving benefits. Select from the tabs below to read about the range of services we offer.

Insurer Service

Xpress Vehicle Management understand the stress that can be involved in event of an accident for your client, we can manage the whole claim from start to finish and work with yourselves to ensure service level to your clients are met to ensure year on year retention of your clients on renewal.


Compliance of Mandatory Regulations

Insurance regulations keep changing. This will sometimes require changes to new process or adding new processes in a market place that is highly competitive. It can be very difficult to spare resources and train staff every time change happens. That’s why outsourcing your claims solution to us will ensure these changes are smoothly auctioned with the correct resources dedicated to only the insurance claims processing. We will make sure that regulations are maintained and adapted to change to the regulations.

Managing customers better

Customer relations are the most important aspect of any business. Unsatisfied customers will move their business to another insurance provider for a better level of service and this change can happen quickly. Our claims service focuses on the customer journey making sure claims are processed efficiently and customer queries are answered promptly. By effectively managing the processes will increase customer satisfaction that can ultimately lead to more loyal customers. Our aim is to keep customers happy and improve retention rates.

Managing information better

Insurance claims processing involves handling a lot of important and classified information. Managing information correctly with rules that comply with GDPR regulations are vitally important. By outsourcing your claim management service to us we ensure information is complaint with regulation and all data processing is handled securely.

Outsourcing to us not only ensures cost and time efficiency but also provides a better journey for the customer.

Broker Service

Xpress Vehicle Management recognise the importance of providing a stress-free claims experience to your policy holder. An excellent customer journey is a key factor in retaining your clients when its comes to renewal period.

Let us manage your clients claims whether it be fault, non-fault or third party intervention services and we will always strive to ensure that your clients journey is to highest level.


  • Full white-label 24/7 claims handling service.
  • Dedicated claim managers.
  • Both fault and non-fault claims handling.
  • Access to a national network of quality vehicle repairers.
  • A huge portfolio of nationwide, quality replacement vehicles.
  • Exclusive access to specialist solicitors.
  • Expert claims handling partnerships.

How can our service help you?

Our service for the our insurance brokers was developed in order to help you to increase your profitability, customer retention and business development. We provide accident management services to our partners, which add value and reduce the administration burden of handling accident claims.

Our accident management packages are tailored to your business needs and requirements.

Defleet & Refurbishment Management

At Xpress Vehicle Management, we can manage your vehicle defleet and refurbishment services to exacting and consistent standards. The high volume of vehicles we manage allows us to be cost-effective, whilst delivering the quality required for the final re-marketing channels.


  • Reduction in key to key time
  • Reduction & control to refurbishment cost
  • In-house engineering services
  • Large repair network fully compliant to BS10125
  • Regular review and updates of repair progression

Fleet Services

Xpress Vehicle Management recognise vehicle operators need their fleet downtime reduced to a minimum. For us it is important to maximise efficiencies where ever possible ensuring cost is taken into consideration. We are an ideal partner for managing fleets of all sizes working with local  and national clients all around the UK. We aim to centrally manage fleet requirements for repair and maintenance, making sure down-time is minimised and cost-efficiencies are met.


  • We can help reduce & control repair cost where possible by trying to keep repair cost under insurance excess.
  • Help reduce rise in insurance premium
  • Liaise with your fleet insurer to gain authority on repairs
  • In house engineering service to control repair cost
  • Like for Like Replacement vehicle where your fleet policy covers this
  • Free replacement vehicle if your policy has no vehicle provisions
  • Access to national repair network that is fully compliant to BS10125

Taxi Firm/Taxi Drivers

Xpress Vehicle Management know that time off the road the road is money lost. We act quickly and efficiently to help customers through the whole claims journey, so they can get back on the road. Having developed strong relationships with licencing authorities around the country, we can respond promptly to all types of private hire vehicle requirements. Our team have extensive knowledge of navigating through all the complexities involved, making sure all aspects of a claim are taken care of.

Replacement Taxi Within 24-hours

We can get a replacement taxi to you normally within 24-hours *.

Fast Taxi Repairs

We will deal with your repairs ensure it is dealt with fast and returned on completion at a time and place convenient for you.

Personal Injury

We can offer advise on personal injury compensation with specialist ligation teams ready to help.


  • Same day delivery*
  • Specialist taxi accident management service
  • UK nationwide service
  •  Extensive fleet of vehicles available

*Dependant on local authority but usually can dispatch same day.

User Car Dealer Vehicle Management

At Xpress Vehicle Management, we can manage vehicle refurbishment and maintenance services to exacting and consistent standards. We take this stress away allowing businesses to concentrate on vehicle re-marketing and sales. The high volume of vehicles we manage allows us to be cost-effective, whilst delivering the quality required to the end user. Our extensive network of selected repairers offer a high level of service to quality standards we expect.


  • Control Repair cost to ensure profitability on resale
  • Access to national repair network fully complaint BS10125
  • Repair progress maintained and monitored
  • Reduction in key to key to ensure vehicle are ready for forecourt for resale

Driving Instructors

Xpress Vehicle Management understand driving instructors being without their vehicles can impact their livelihoods. We provide fast and reliable service to driving instructors to ensure they are back on road quickly. Our aim is to get drivers back into a vehicle within 24 hours, whilst our specialist team take care of the entire process.


  • Replacement dual control vehicle within 24-hours
  • If you have had an accident that was not your fault, then we can supply a dual control vehicle for you to use normally within 24-hours

Third Party Intervention (TPI) Services

Xpress Vehicle Management operate an extremely efficient Third Party Intervention (TPI) scheme where the client driver is at ‘At-Fault’. It is imperative that costs are controlled as TPI schemes are put into place to avoid the risk of credit hire and credit repair.


  • Opportunity to save excess rate and no claim bonus by contacting us
  • Focus on excellent customer service
  • 24/7 support

Non Fault Claims Service

There is a common misconception that when you have an accident the first point of call should be your insurer. You actually don’t have to involve your insurer at all.

We can liaise with the third party insurer and in most cases we will supply a like for like replacement vehicle FREE for the duration of the repair. Another benefit is that you don’t have to pay an insurance excess and wait to claim it back from your insurance company.


  • By contacting us customers can save their no claim bonus issued by their respective insurers
  • Customers will get a replacement vehicle within 24 hours
  • Customers can get 100% of any compensation awarded by their insurance company
  • We can get customers vehicle repaired by the at-fault party’s insurance company

Become A Referrer

We offer very good commercial terms with added value opportunities for us to drive incremental business for our partners. Our commercial offerings and incentives provide great benefits for our partners as well as their customers.

Some key facts about our service:

  • Full white-label 24/7 claims handling service
  • Dedicated claim managers
  • Both fault and non-fault claims handling
  • Access to a national network of BS10125 vehicle repairers
  • A huge portfolio of nationwide, quality replacement vehicles
  • Exclusive access to specialist solicitors
  • Expert claims handling partnerships

By becoming a referrer and having access to our credit repair scheme you will enjoy a competitive commercial offering. There are no limits to number or claims that can be submitted and we welcome new referral agreements from taxi companies, brokers, fleet car companies and any fleet maintenance companies. All commissions are paid on liability confirmation and on settlement of each claim.

To find out more please contact us by calling 0330 094 0994 or alternatively email

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For us customer satisfaction is vitally important and that’s why we love sharing the positive feedback we recieve.

male avatar

Xpress Vehicle Management were introduced to me via a good friend of mine. I didn’t know such services existed; I thought I had to go to my insurance company for any claims which isn’t true. They took the stress away from me right from the beginning, they dealt with my insurance company as well as the person that crashed into me. I didn’t have to do anything, they gave me a lovely car whilst my car was being repaired and managed my personal injury, which was great. They kept me up to date. I would recommend using Xpress Vehicle Management as I felt they went above and beyond to look after me.

Mrs Liseby Monneron
male avatar

I haven’t been driving very long and my insurance excess was really high. When I had a crash, I used Xpress Vehicle Management they paid a contribution towards my excess. This helped me a lot and my vehicle was repaired to a showroom condition. Thank you Xpress Vehicle Management, you were great.

Luke Hearn
female avatar

Great service from the outset, all I had to do was provide details of the accident and Xpress Vehicle Management did the rest! They handled my claim with no issues, I would highly recommend them. 10 out of 10.

Lisa Hunt
male avatar

Xpress Vehicle Management handled my claim, they were great and advised me what to do and what to expect. The whole process was a lot simpler to understand rather than dealing with my insurance company, who only kept me on hold constantly! I also believe not only did I get a better service from Xpress Vehicle Management but I received a lot more compensation from them as I got a vehicle equivalent to mine and the compensation for my personal injury was higher then what my sister got when she went direct to her insurance company. Thank you.

Adam Bailey
male avatar

Xpress Vehicle Management provide a very good service, they gave me a courtesy car which was better than my vehicle and handled my claim in a professional manner. Very good service, I would recommend highly if you’ve been involved in an accident.

Saif Khan
male avatar

5-star service, Xpress Vehicle Management helped me with the paperwork, saved me money on my excess, I got a nice car as a replacement and they repaired my vehicle. My car looked like new when I got it back and I got a nice compensation for my personal injury. Thanks Xpress Vehicle Management.

Ryan Changlee